Brand Identity Development for Small Businesses

It's key to develop a brand identity that consumers can trust and engage with. Would you want to hang out with someone who was dull and inconsistent? Yeah, neither would we. Once we get to know you and your business better, we create an identity that will help you stand out from the crowd and connect to your target audience.

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Style Guide

Heard of the saying, 'consistency is key'. That applies doubly to business. Your colors, font styles, slogan, are just a few pieces that define how your audience will perceive you.

What Does a Style Guide Include?

  • Defining your brand ethos (your business' vision wrapped up in a short statement)

  • Determine proper logo, color scheme, fonts

  • Guidelines for proper images to use in promotional material (social media, email, ads, banners, print, etc.)

  • Set your brand's voice and writing style to develop a personality that must stay consistent across all communications


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Logo design

Your logo is the visual symbol that represents your business and should recieve the utmost level of consideration.

What Does Our Logo Design Package Include?

  • Our team works with you from conceptualization to complete to develop a logo that portrays the personality and the vision of your brand.

  • Meticulous research will be done to match to build a concept that considers your audience, industry, and values.